PacifiCorp Works to Contribute to Environment


According to a post on their website, PacifiCorp, a power company based in the Northwestern United States, actively works to rectify the damage their industry inflicts on the environment.  They have created several programs to reduce their environmental impact, with a focus on wildlife protection and reducing the impact of hydroelectric facilities on fish migration.

In terms of wildlife management, PacifiCorp has recently contributed the Merwin Wildlife Habitat Management Program; this twenty-two year old project is now only one part of the larger Lewis River Wildlife Habitat Management Program, which ranges over ten thousand three hundred acres.  Both management programs provide additional protection and enhancement for fish and wildlife.  A geographic information system has also been put in place, which allows for site-specific information to help preserve species.

PacifiCorp has also sponsored the Oregon Biodiversity Project—an effort to map and identify conservation areas in order to direct development in a way that simultaneously flourishes the environment without extracting high costs.  For their final effort towards management of wildlife, PacifiCorp has worked with Bridgerland Audubon Society and The Nature Conservancy to preserve land for future generations of wildlife.  PacifiCorp has addressed the issue of wetlands conservation as well; the company manages Cutler Marsh in Utah’s Cache County, including the on-site hydroelectric project and the recreational activities provided to the public.

As the corporation’s focus is on hydroelectric projects, fish management is also a big endeavor for PacifiCorp’s leaders.  Their general goal is to reduce the impacts hydroelectricity can have on fish that migrate—specifically, salmon and steelhead trout.  They have created and implemented a very unique system in two separate locales that allows for fish to migrate safely towards the Pacific Ocean.  The floating surface collector operates in a way that allows PacifiCorp to complete their job without any harm coming to the fish.

Land preservation and reclamation has also been a focus for the company.  Glenrock Coal Corporation, a subsidiary of PacifiCorp, restored four thousand six hundred acres of land that has been mined for over forty years; the land has now returned to its original state, due to their efforts.