Dave Pflieger – Virgin America’s Carbon Emissions

As a Senior Executive with Virgin America for a number of years, Dave Pflieger was passionate about making sure the airline was a good corporate citizen.  His leadership helped lead the US operations of Virgin’s aviation division do well by doing good.  Here are a few highlights taken from the 2010 Virgin Groups Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Report.

  • First carrier to call for global legislation on CO2 emissions from airlines
  • Virgin Atlantic was the first airline to fly on renewable fuels.
  • Virgin America was the first commercial passenger airline to join the US EPS’s Climate Leaders program.
  • Virgin America was the first US airline to document its carbon footprint according to the internationally accepted standards on the Climate Registry.
  • Virgin America operates a fleet that is up to 25% more fuel efficient than other fleets in the US (as of 2010).
  • Virgin America offsets their carbon use with carbonfund.org.

As Dave Pflieger gets settled into his job as the CEO of Island Air, he will continue to make helping the environment a priority for the airline.